Ohio Landlord Whips Tenant with Belt….True Story

Add this to the “Things are getting ridiculous” list. An Ohio Landlord decided that his late paying tenant needed a a few belt lashes since he was late with rent. As a landlord and human being, I find this appalling and downright stupid.

Granted, we have all had instances of wanting to knock some sense into our bad tenants but, as sensible people we choose to take the high road. You have to ask yourself, “Is my behavior above or below the line?”

Good landlords have a big hurdle to get over and this doesn’t not help our cause. Civility will always win out in the end and remember that stupid actions have bad consequences. I, myself, hope he spends some time behind bars and has some time to be introspective and make changes in his life that allow him to redeem himself.

Here is the news story.

Ohio Landlord Whips tenant with a Belt

What are your thoughts?

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