The less you spend , the more you make!

Sounds simple enough…. Well, I thought that too until I started coaching other landlords. I was amazed to see how many landlords were spending WAY too much money on materials to repair their rental properties.


In this video, I show you how to SAVE money every time you walk into your local Lowe’s and/or Home Depot!


Do you have some money saving secrets??? Please share with all of us!


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I want to be a landlord”

I here this statement a lot…. ” The first thing I ask is “Why?”  Too many times, people get involved in this business for the wrong reasons.

If you are a soon to be or a veteran landlord, this video is a must see. Learn the questions you MUST ask yourself, if you are one of the people saying, “I want to be a landlord!”


Are you able to answer these questions TRUTHFULLY?


Being a landlord can be quite challenging….If you let it be… I am here to CRUSH that myth. Check out this short video and learn how to be a good landlord and how to learn and become better at making decisions as a landlord.


Let me show you how to get rid of BAD tenants and only pick the GOOD ones.