Why a landlord needs to perform quarterly inspections on their rental properties.

Be a Stress Free Landlord!

Your rental property is yours……PERIOD! In order to keep your tenants in line and show them you are a diligent landlord, you MUST do quarterly inspections.

You may say that you don’t have the time to run around every 3 months and do this. well, do you have the time and money to fix all the issues that your tenant caused and let linger??

These inspections do not need to take hours. I do mine in about 15-20 minutes per property on a Saturday. I always start the first one at 9:00am and I can be home by 3:00pm at the latest. To me, this is one of the best things a landlord can do to protect his/her property and  show the tenant that you mean business.

I let all my tenants know about the quarterly inspections when they sign the initial lease paperwork. I also explain to them our policy on keeping the property clean and notifying us of any issues with the property.  I let them know that excessive damage, etc. can be grounds for eviction and that we do not take these matters lightly.

I let them know that if for any reason they feel as though they can not pass a quarterly inspection, it might be best for them to find another place to live. I am very firm but fair landlord with my tenants. I don’t leave anything to interpretation or assumption.

About 1 week before the inspection, I call the tenant and set up a time to do the inspection. I only do them on a  Saturday so I don’t let them control the time and day options.






When it comes time to do your quarterly inspections, here is the landlord kit you need to take with you.

  • Small notepad and pen
  • Camera (most cell phone cameras take good enough pictures)
  • Landlord Quarterly Inspection Checklist – Copy is sent to tenant after the inspection.
  • Screwdriver – I use a multi one that has several different attachments.
  • Crescent wrench
  • Teflon Tape – In case you find a leaky pipe
  • Flashlight
  • Furnace Filters – I keep a list of every size and buy the cheapo 3 packs from Lowe’s. Tenants rarely change them. To save you money with HVAC repairs, it is best to change them yourself.

As a landlord, you do need to be versed in basic home maintenance and know what to look for as you do your inspection. If you are a newbie landlord and don’t have much experience, you can save you self thousands in repairs and learn a lot by hiring a property inspector or contractor to go with you. Ask around and I am sure you can find a friend that knows a property inspector or contractor that will help you for a nominal fee. If they are anyone kind of business person, they will know that the landlord will eventually need their service and this could be a way to start that relationship. You will be able to gain great insight form these people and this will also make you a more informed landlord.

I start on the exterior of the property and look top down. I start with the roof and gutters and move my way down to the foundation. I make notes and take pictures of anything that may be or is an issue.

I then move to the interior of the house and walk from room to room. I ALWAYS check the smoke detectors by hitting the test button. You will be surprised at how many tenants take the batteries out of the smoke detectors. I then check under all cabinets to make sure we do not have any pipes leaking.  I finish up in the basement, if it has one, and check the condition of the furnace filter and HVAC and hot water systems.

Al of this can be done quickly and it allows you as the landlord to make sure your tenant is taking care of the property. It also shows the tenant that you are a hands on landlord.

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